The Fabric of ProSciento

Our Corporate Values

ProSciento team members

At ProSciento, we are proud to be driven by strong corporate values. We take tremendous pride in the impact our team has made in science, for patients, and in our community.

Our ProSciento team personifies our core values through a desire to make a difference – in our workplace, in our community, in science and innovation, and in the lives of people affected by metabolic diseases.

Marcus Hompesch, M.D.
Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board

Always looking for a better way

For us, this means always looking for ways to improve – from our daily responsibilities to our internal research focused on advancing methodologies. This value also encompasses our commitment to support others involved in metabolic research and to publish our findings in the public domain. We ask ourselves, “How can we make it better?” and “How can we do it better or more efficiently?”

Taking ownership for all our actions

At ProSciento, we take pride in doing great work. We encourage a working environment where we move beyond status quo, looking for ways to improve upon our business. Most importantly, we deliver upon our commitments – to our clients, our study participants, our fellow co-workers, and to the greater community.

We work with each other, not beside each other

We believe in achieving more by working together as a team. At ProSciento, we ensure a collaborative, respectful and enjoyable work environment, building trust with each other through friendly, synergistic interactions. We communicate with each other openly and frequently throughout all levels of the organization. Most importantly, we recognize and appreciate the contributions of others.

Living our values, even when it’s challenging

At ProSciento, we foster an environment of perseverance. We look beyond the obstacles right in front of us and support each other through challenges and difficulties. We believe in each other and in our ability to accomplish our goals as a team. We steadfastly adhere to our quality commitments and standards, knowing that the correct or best method is not always the easiest or faster route.

Building sustainable community, inside and out

For us, this value encompasses our belief and commitment to build and support the community within our workplace, the community within which we live, and the community of people affected by metabolic diseases. At ProSciento, we initiate and lead involvement in events supporting advocacy groups at local and national levels. We also practice and believe in acting responsibly with our environmental resources, knowing that all acts of conservation can make an impact.

ProSciento’s corporate values established in 2005

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