ProSciento’s executive leadership is internationally recognized for their contributions to metabolic clinical research and development across all phases of the product development cycle.

Marcus Hompesch, M.D.

Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board

Dr. Marcus Hompesch is Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of ProSciento and has led the company since its inception in 2003. He is also editor-in-chief of the journal Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism, a Wiley publication. His career and track record in metabolism-focused clinical R&D, spanning more than 25 years in academic and industry settings, includes contributions to clinical development strategies and early phase research studies for many of the diabetes and related metabolic drugs and devices on the market globally.

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Brian Mooney

Chief Operating Officer

Brian Mooney is Chief Operating Officer at ProSciento, Inc. Mr. Mooney is a CRO executive with over 25 years of experience, much of it focused on global expansion of operations for mid to large CROs, including Chiltern, Theorem and Pharmaceutical Research Associates International (PRA). Prior to joining ProSciento, he served as Executive Vice President of Strategic Service Provision at Chiltern, a Covance company, where he oversaw the development and advancement of one of their core business segments.

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Stephen Mullennix

Chief Financial Officer

Stephen Mullennix joined ProSciento as Chief Financial Officer in 2020. Mr. Mullennix has a diverse global finance background consisting of over 25 years of operational and transactional experience in biotech, eco-infrastructure, and private equity sectors and deep experience in corporate growth strategies within highly regulated industries.

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Helge Guenther, MBA

Chief Information Officer

Helge Guenther is ProSciento’s Chief Information Officer. His experience in IT and technology solutions spans more than 20 years, including management of IT operations in highly regulated environments.

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Lynn Rudolph

Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer

Lynn Rudolph is Vice President of Human Resources Officer at ProSciento, Inc. Ms. Rudolph has an extensive track record of leading global team development, management, and retention programs for companies in accelerated growth phases.

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