Natalia Castro, PMP

Associate Director, Study Start-Up • Clinical Strategies and Logistics

Introducing Natalia Castro – one of ProSciento’s in-house experts in protocol development and study start-up strategies for multinational metabolism-related clinical studies.

Natalia starts each morning grounded with a series of yoga stretches and black coffee before beginning her day of virtual meetings with clients from four or more time zones. Natalia is not only an integral part of the ProSciento clinical logistics team, she also leads the strategic study start-up teams for drug and device development companies she works with. To date, Natalia has worked with clients headquartered in six nations and has contributed to more than 25 clinical trials across North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa, and Asia-Pacific.

Natalia joined ProSciento in 2017 with an established expertise in global clinical trial management and prior tenures spanning more than 15 years at PPD, IQVIA and Roche Pharmaceuticals. In her current role as Associate Director of Study Start-Up, clients rely on Natalia’s longstanding expertise in global clinical trial management and her therapeutic knowledge of protocol development for metabolic clinical research. Those who have had the opportunity to work with her resoundingly speak to her energy, professionalism, and detailed understanding of research coordination.

Natalia has contributed to clinical trial development for six metabolic, oncology, and immunodeficiency drugs which are marketed today. Notably, for nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), Natalia was a key contributor to the development of ProSciento’s NASH PASS® protocol, a foundational element of a patient access platform driving significant advances in NASH clinical study design and enrollment.

When asked about her career experience at ProSciento, Natalia replied:  

“Working with ProSciento provides sponsors and partners an opportunity to work with a focused, highly experienced team of professionals. As a member of that team, I’m able to contribute directly to the development of new, life-improving therapeutics for patients. ProSciento has the advantage of being the right size and with the right team to move quickly and effectively for its sponsors in the design and conduct of even the most highly complex multi-national, multi-site clinical trial programs. I couldn’t be more pleased to be considered an expert among so many highly regarded and widely recognized scientific and operational experts at ProSciento.”