How Does Nash Pass Accelerate
Investigational Drug Clinical Trials?

NASH PASS is a powerful platform to improve enrollment and site selection for NAFLD and NASH clinical trials. The NASH PASS patient registry compiles real-time and longitudinal data for prescreened patients ready for enrollment and prequalified sites ready for an expedited study launch. For study sponsors, the benefits include optimized I/E criteria utilizing a sample data set; streamlined site selection; study start within three months; and front-loaded enrollment for the first three months to significantly improve overall study timelines. 

NASH PASS Impact on Timelines, Cost and Enrollment:





Industry vs. NASHPASS

Typically 6 MONTHS
Often site selection is extended to outside the US for added patient access, increasing cost and time.

1 MONTH utilizing NASH PASS sites in the US, thereby reducing associated regulatory costs.

Study Start

Industry vs. NASHPASS

Site selection alone is generally 4 MONTHS.

Prequalified sites in NASH PASS registry ready for immediate start and all sites screening in < 3 MONTHS.


Industry vs. NASHPASS

DELAYS due to enrollment difficulties and resulting protocol amendments, often to adjust I/E criteria.

Front-load enrollment in first 3 months.
100% ENROLLMENT on time when utilizing NASH PASS for I/E parameters.